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We have sprung from our Shared values towards Craftmanship Where creativity meets discipline, a principal achieved only from experience

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We are an integrated Marketing Agency
We Stand for strategy and conceptual ideas
We Design and Execute marketing strategy to achieve your Goals
Attract customers to your brand to interact and connect them with 360 degree marketing

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We always research your objective first for the best understanding


with agility, we carefully plan our strategy for the best creative output


we execute with precision.


We deliver qualitative and quantitative reports

Our Expertise

Live Music

TOP singer in Indonesia

Singer is always maintained and competitive.

Public Relations

Media Relations, Media Development., Media Monitoring.

Event organizer

You can't host a successful corporate event without the support of an experienced event organizer. An event organizer is an indispensable asset before, during, and after your multi-day conference, holiday party, or networking event.

Concept, Design, Production

From corporate theater to event marketing, trade shows to special events, Concept Design Productions offers creative solutions that will dazzle your clients

Digital Solution

Marketing, Selling, Games

Show Biz

Liberty Production has been in the business of entertainment management with outsourcing representation contacts for Models, Singers, Dancers, and Specialty Talent. In addition to providing talent for various projects, we produce and organize numerous events such as fashion shows, trade shows, feature films, television programs, commercials, documentaries, concert functions, non-profit and charitable events and much more


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Measurement of success

Understand the situation

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Number of impressions

The reason impressions are counted for most advertisers is because it is an economical way to discover whether the advertisements are being looked at or not. In the end, advertisers will use other forms of reporting to decide if an entire campaign is working or not.

Quality of data captured

High-quality data will ensure more efficiency in driving a company’s success because of the dependence on fact-based decisions, instead of habitual or human intuition..

Number of leads opting to follow up

Media Relations, Media Development., Media Monitoring.

Leads can connect with your business in several ways. For example, networking events, social media, and ads all play a role in generating leads

Integration with current marketing programs

Integrated marketing ensures that various tactics are all working together toward a common goal and telling the same brand story

Number of relevant consumers

Consumers are getting comfortable with companies knowing more about them through their behavior online and even realizing some of the benefits that “being known” .

Number of resulting sales or purchase intent

Purchase intent takes many things into account: demographics, content consumption, behavioral information — even channels and devices — to form a better picture of your audience in their path to purchase. This, in turn, allows you to target them with the content to move them to the next logical stage in your funnel, toward buying your product

Increase in brand trust and confidence

When your prospects and customers trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. When you have their trust, you can also command a higher price and boost the lifetime value of each customer

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